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Saturday, 24 August 2019


B.V.Swami School


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To educate intelligent boys according to the instructions of His Divine Grace A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in Vedic thought, conduct, and aspiration, and to graduate them, skilled, for the inspired leadership, compassionate preaching, and responsible administration of the society and thus trained to shoulder responsible positions.
1. To bring out and develop the innate qualities of the child to the fullest.

2. To provide an educational environment favourable for the allround development of body, mind and spirit of the students.

3. To cultivate a consciousness that over and above the concerns of physical wellbeing, spiritual reawakening is the real goal of education.

4. To produce noble-minded persons responsible for the moral and spiritual welfare of the society.

5. To create the understanding that the science of devotion to the Supreme personality of Godhead Lord Sri Krishna is the basis for success in all aspects of life.

6. To lay special emphasis on proficiency in spoken English so as to facilities communication and further studies and to introduce Sanskrit for higher culture of spiritual knowledge.
Modern education is based on materialistic outlook of life. Therefore it cannot be expected to provide the principles necessary to develop higher knowledge of morality, ethics or even philosophy and religion. Yet these things are certainly more important than the gadgets produced by science and technology.

Somehow a gap has been created between science and religion and it must be filled up. A synthesis has tobemade in order to bring body, mind and spirit together as a unified whole. Present education merely rips these real aspects of existence apart. In fact, materialism which often parades as secularism not only neglects but annihilates the spiritual dimension of man.
The Bhaktivedanata Swami School system is meant to correct this imbalanced education by providing for student a well rounded understanding of life from a Vedic perspective which includes the best of modern education along with the highest spiritual training that is so necessary for personal development.

This is the first educational system which really gives the student a chance to understand the full spectrum of life in all its aspects. This system of education is designed to produce future leaders of society who will know the progressive values of life.
The modern system of education, especially science education, regards life as a completely phenomenon, As a result, we see today a great breakdown of moral and ethical principles in all sections of the society.Bhaktivedanata Swami Mission School emphasizes the importance of the spiritual dimensions of life. This is in accord with the information found in the time-honored scriptures of the world, which have formed the foundation for the lives of the most noble minded individuals in the history of human civilization.

The Bhaktivedanata Swami Mission School is meant to create the best educated class of men and women who can understand the essential meaning and purpose of life. In order to achieve this aim, it is necessary to create a healthy atmosphere in modern society by making such schools available throughout the world.

These schools will train children from a very young age since the impressions made in a child's formative years have a lasting effect which stays throughout his life. Hence these schools will fill the gap left by modern education and will provide a sound basis for the development of a civilized society for modern man, free from quarrel, hatred, godlessness, and thus making the world a peaceful place for everyone.

Another unique feature of these schools will be the introduction of BHAKTI as a practical science which can be used for understanding the ultimate aim of life. Children should be formally trained to give respect to teachers, elders and parents as well as how to be clean, inwardly and outwardly, and to be completely free from the influence of bad habits such as smoking, intoxication, gambling, improper conduct in the relation between boys and girls. Most importantly, they will be trained how to develop devotion for duty and love for God, the ultimate basis of the noblest qualities of life.

We should also like to create a real spirit of missionary zeal among our students in order to protect, preserve and spread the science of BHAGAVAD GITA and SRIMAD BHAGAVATHAM, the foundation of SANATANA DHARMA not only in Indian but also throughout the rest of the world.

Education has always been vitally important in man's history, but never more so than today. In all the advanced countries, great strides have been made in the field of education and especially in science and technology. The schools, colleges and universities are regularly churning out individuals, physically healthy and mentally alert, who are contributing to the “material prosperity and success” of other societies. However, a closer look at these advanced societies reveals a state of lurest, strife, crime and violence.

Unfortunately, even at home in India , the same situation prevails. Post independence years have witnessed a Quantitative growth in education. Schools, college and universities have multiplied and proliferated, but the quality has steadily declined in proportion to the quantity. Chaos, indiscipline, lack of respect for teaching staff, total disregard and damage to public property, hooliganism and vandalism characterize the atmosphere of these institutions. The host of antisocial acts perpetrated by students in these “portals of learning” not only do harm to the individual students but also pose a danger to the progress of ademocratic society as a whole.

The reasons for this state of affairs are very obvious. There is a weakening of social and moral values in our younger generation. One can well imagine the state of a society peopled by such individuals. It is therefore evident that there is something grossly deficient in our educational system.

Human being means, not just the body, nor evern the combination of mind and body. He is essentially a ‘spiorit'-a soul encased in a body of flesh. Education should aim at a full and harmonious development of the body and intellect and turn them to the spirit within. It should help build an intergrated personality, a perfect character, in whom this spirit is manifested in though, word and deed.

Is today's system of education fulfilling this aim? Today's educational system, while aiming at the development of the body and mind, totally ignores the “SOUL” This is because morality, ethics and spirituality do not form the basis of our educational system.

This is tragic in a country like India . Which has been the torchbearer of culture and spirituality throughout the ages. The messages contained in our timeless scriptures. The Vedas, Upanishads and Bhagavad_gita have been widely acclaimed as eternal and universal. Yet such a precarious situation prevails.

However ISKCON is trying to change the phase of education today. It runs a number of educational institutions both in India and abroad, The Krishna conscious system of education is value-based. It contains traditional Vedic subjects like languages, mathematics, sciences and social studies, arts and crafts, music and practical instruction and guidance in Spiritual knowledge.

The children are also taught to recite slokas from Bhagavad-Gita, and sing devotional bhajans. The ISKCON schools have imbibed the spirit of the ancient Gurukula system while simultaneously imparting knowledge in all academic subjects.

The destiny of India is now being shaped in class rooms. On the quality and number of students coming out of our schools and college will depend the progress of our nation

In this respect it can be said that the children coming out of ISKCON schools will be fully integrated personalities, trained to be peace-loving, straight-forward, wise and above all religious with God at the center of their lives. They are being trained to balance the knowledge the science and technology bring, with the values and insights associated with religion and ethics at its best. HARE KRISHNA.

Bhaktiveedanta Swaqmi Mission School emphasizes the importance of the spiritual dimensions the importance of the spiritual dimensions of life. This is in accord with the information found in the time honoured scriptures of the world, witch have formed the foundation for the lives of the most noble minded individuals in the history of human civilization.

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